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‘NU’ stands for NEUTRAL and UNBIASED, which means we promote the WHOLE PERSPECTIVE, not a single party ideology. We believe in bringing you relevant and insightful stories that challenge and defy narratives and promote truth to situations. We cross the aisle and speak with everyone we need to, and get that truth to you!

NU Newsmedia
NU Newsmedia: TRUTH through NEUTRAL and UNBIASED perspectives.

The Origin of NU Newsmedia…

NU Newsmedia was created in late-2023 by a misfit veteran turned journalist who grew tired of party politics and vitriol in Arizona. We wanted to bring people together in dialogue.

We wanted to bring a NEUTRAL and UNBIASED approach to the cultural and political landscape of Arizona. There is so much more that unites us, than divides us.

While the rest of the country has experienced a ‘news desert’, whereby smaller news outlets have been shuttered due to large media organization’s monopolization of the market, Arizona finds itself in a robust situation with some 90+ news services/outlets. We are but one more voice in a sea of information, but seek to empower our readers with TRUTH and PERSPECTIVE. We all lead such different lives, and those differences shouldn’t be feared.

The ‘NU’ Team…

NU Newsmedia, Jamie Kranich
Jamie Kranich

Jamie Kranich is our Founder and Lead Journalist. He is a combat veteran, having spent over 10 years in the Army on active duty as an intelligence officer and paratrooper before being medically retired as a Major for wounds sustained in combat. He has a wealth of world experience fighting in the Global War on Terror. He has had three combat tours to Iraq, one combat tour to Afghanistan, and one operational tour to west-Africa. He was awarded three Bronze Stars for service and a Purple Heart, among many other awards & commendations. These experiences have cultivated maturity in his writing, as he seeks to provide a holistic view to his stories, all to better enable and empower the reader.

Jamie has a master’s degree in intelligence studies from American Military University, two bachelor’s degrees in political science and geography from Arizona State University, an associate’s degree in journalism from Estrella Mountain Community College, and a certificate of completion in modern journalism from New York University. His academic background has enabled him to conduct thorough research and analysis with both qualitative and quantitative data to support his stories.

Jamie has contributed to The Daily Independent, Arizona Capitol Times, and Times Media Group.

Jamie is happily married to an extraordinary wife and has three amazing kids. He spends his free time at the movies, eating his way through Phoenix, watching/following the Colorado Avalanche, and enjoying car culture. You can find him on X @jamie_kranich.

NU Newsmedia, Tina Herman
Tina Herman

Tina Herman has been a news and politics junkie all her life and has wanted to work in newspapers ever since Dean-Cain-as-Clark-Kent-as-Superman first set foot in the Daily Planet. She has edited for The Chicago Tribune, The Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, Ill.), The East Valley Tribune (Mesa, Ariz.) and U.S. Catholic Magazine. Tina graduated magna cum laude from the Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University and currently resides in Avondale, Ariz. You can find her on X @THerman23.

NU Newsmedia, George A. Sanchez
George Sanchez

George A. Sanchez is our Marketing and Social Media Manager, an automotive junky, and entrepreneur who lives and breathes anything with an internal combustion engine!  He is an automotive engineer at Nikola Corporation (not an endorsement), where he is transforming the trucking industry into a more sustainable future by managing the testing and development of their zero emission commercial trucks. He also owns G.A.S Automotive, a five-star automotive repair and performance company.

George holds an associate’s degree in occupational studies from Universal Technical Institute. He strives to bring honest work to valued customers and commits himself to deploying a strategic social media and marketing brand to any business including NU.  George has successfully grown his following on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, which carries our message widely. His automotive experience has been incredibly important to gaining access to our automotive/racing stories.

George is also talented when it comes to shedding his light on political and controversial viewpoints.  His experience as a business owner and a corporate leader has given him perspective into the intricacies of our economy and help to support NU Newsmedia’s mission to distribute neutral and unbiased news to Arizona, as he spreads our brand’s awareness across both the community and social media. He knows and shows that there is more than one side to a story.

George is happily married to an exceptionally kindhearted wife and has two young boys.  He loves spending his free time restoring his 1964-1/2 Mustang, the outdoors, traveling, skateboarding, the movies, sports and car culture. 

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NU Newsmedia is committed to providing relevant and insightful stories on cultural and political affairs in Arizona. We seek the whole perspective.


Jamie is the founder of NU Newsmedia, a passionate writer, and committed to providing relevant and insightful stories on cultural and political affairs to Arizona. He is a highly educated veteran with multiple degrees from AMU, ASU, EMCC, and NYU.